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Great Expectations

The first time I visited my family after moving to Massachusetts, I went loaded with Kringle candles. I was really excited to share them with my family and friends and to tell them all about my job and the company. Everybody got Kringled! My parents, my sister, my mom’s neighbor, my mom’s friends, their friends, […]

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Everything is coming up Lavender!

Taste and smell are two senses that are highly connected. Have you ever smelled something and almost tasted it? Depending on what it is, that can be a good experience or a very unpleasant experience. These days, I am seeing more fragrant components in food than ever before. Unlike the craze for bacon as a […]

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Is that you, Santa?

Do you ever wonder what Santa does during his off-season? One early fall day last year, I had taken my son to see the cool cars at the car show, Cars & Coffee. It’s an event that we hold in our Kringle campus on the second Sundays of the month from Spring through late Fall. […]

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New Beginnings

It’s hard to believe that my first anniversary with Kringle is just around the corner. It seems like it was just yesterday when I packed up my car and made the 1200 mile drive from Kansas City to Massachusetts with my seven year old son, Lucas. I’m not normally a fan of long car trips […]

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Re-Using Kringle Candle Containers


After careful study of the marketplace, we’re fully ready to help your school or organization raise money by offering your friends and family the new gold standard in premium scented candles: Kringle Candles. Based in cozy Bernardston, Massachusetts, we manufacture and ship all of our products from our headquarters here in Western Massachusetts. And as […]

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