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Re-Using Kringle Candle Containers


After careful study of the marketplace, we’re fully ready to help your school or organization raise money by offering your friends and family the new gold standard in premium scented candles: Kringle Candles.

Based in cozy Bernardston, Massachusetts, we manufacture and ship all of our products from our headquarters here in Western Massachusetts. And as you know, in today’s world, “Made in USA” sells.

Best of all, we have a clear, fair and simple pricing structure: 40 cents from every dollar’s worth of candles and air fresheners sold comes back to you to fund your projects.

Making a lasting Impression

How has Kringle Candle become the talk of the national giftware industry virtually overnight? Mostly, it’s their incredible versatility and outstanding quality. Kringle Candle’s distinctive crisp, white shades fit every décor scheme with understated elegance. No matter which scent or style you select, these carefully-crafted candles are an ideal match for any setting in any room. And there’s one more bright idea at work: 100% dye-free, Kringle Candles always yield the most luminous white light. Each Kringle Candle will fill the home with lush, long-lasting and authentic fragrance. And isn’t that what your prospects want most in a premium scented candle? Why offer the same-old, same-old, when you can choose the freshest, brightest candles made in America?

One final item: we know you may have been disappointed before by other candle companies over-promising and under-delivering. Kringle Candle is backed by the Kittredge family, the first name in American candlemaking. You have my solemn promise that your candles will be in your hands when we say they will.

We are currently booking Fundraising sales. We suggest allocating two weeks for your group’s sale. We will send out your catalogs, order sheets, collection envelopes and all other pertinent chairperson information approximately one week before your sale begins. Please e-mail us at fundraising@kringlecandle.com or phone us toll-free at 855.522.4484 for more information and/or view our Spring 2014 catalog.

We’ll be honored to serve as your Fundraising partner. We look forward to giving you the highest quality of product and customer service you have ever had!