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Is that you, Santa?

Do you ever wonder what Santa does during his off-season? One early fall day last year, I had taken my son to see the cool cars at the car show, Cars & Coffee. It’s an event that we hold in our Kringle campus on the second Sundays of the month from Spring through late Fall. In addition to the cars, there stores are open with lots of awesome goodies to buy and the Kringle Café is open with lots of goodies to eat. It’s a good time for everybody.

It was on one of these Sundays, that Lucas spotted someone familiar in the crowd at Kringle. At first I wasn’t certain what or who he was looking at until I finally spotted a mass of white long hair and a very distinctive beard. Wouldn’t you know it; Santa is a car buff too! Lucas was so excited to see him there and asked me if it was okay to go up to him as say hello.

Lucas was a bit shy at first, but eventually, he made his way to Santa who was all too happy to talk to him about his summer and how his new school was going. It was a really special moment for Lucas, one I know he’ll never forget. Afterwards, when we were in the car headed home, he said, “You work in a magical place, mami.” I couldn’t agree more.